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Indymedia Presents: Sexual Assault in the U.S. Military

PRESS CONFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF SUZANNE SWIFT Veterans For Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA August 12, 2006 "Suzanne Swift is a veteran of the Iraq war who is now held in custody at Fort Lewis, Washington. Suzanne had completed a tour of duty in Iraq, where she was sexually harassed and assaulted at the hands of three of her commanding officers continuing over the course of her entire deployment. Her efforts to report her treatment were met with disrespect and dismissed. Finally, Suzanne suffered a breakdown due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and went absent without leave. She was apprehended in Eugene, OR in June, 2006 and instead of seeing her rapists investigated, Suzanne herself is facing court martial and prison time." "It has now been 74 days since Suzanne was taken in handcuffs to jail and we are still working hard everyday to get her the honorable discharge she deserves. Suzanne has to be one the bravest people I know." Sara Rich, Suzanne's mom. Col. Ann Wright US Army, retired Sharon Kufeldt National Vice-President Veterans For Peace Ellen Barfield National Vice-President Veterans For Peace April Fitzsimmons USAF Intel. Analyst, 85-89 Kelly Dougherty Founding Member of Iraq Veterans Against the War Sara Rich Mother of Suzanne Swift


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